Lamenting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Lamenting:

He chiefly divided his time between the House of Lords and sitting at home, lamenting over his own ill-starred existence.

An affectionate wife lamenting over her sick husband, he bade her dry her tears, for possibly he might recover.

He was a sincere and energetic Calvinist, and in 1565 he wrote to Cecil lamenting the measures taken against the Puritans.

At this time a little boy had not come home at the proper time, and the mother came to our house lamenting.

Mrs. Bassett kept lamenting to Professor Kelton her husband's protracted delay in Colorado.

To Achilles, lamenting the death of Patroclus, she came with nectar and ambrosia, that his limbs might not grow faint with hunger.

I reminded a lady of this, who was lamenting the fact that in China some women are sold for wives.

I thought you were just now lamenting that I think too little.

The Entombment followed, the Madonna in black lamenting and weeping.

He now walked to his own lodge, and there he found his wife tearing her hair and lamenting over his fate.