Laments [noun]

Definition of Laments:

grief, complaint

Synonyms of Laments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Laments:

Sentence/Example of Laments:

And then while the mother laments, preparations are made to follow the maiden to the shrines out yonder by the sea.

They listen, half-heeding, to the protests and laments; they could not help it, they explain—the music took hold of them.

If, on the contrary, he is employed in mean labours, he evidently grieves and laments his being thus debased.

"Mr. G.," he murmurs, "would not have done that," and laments a vanished subtlety even while Mr. Evesham is speaking.

The time passed so quickly that loud laments were heard when the mother announced that it was time for Leonore to retire.

Looks of reproach would flash across her eyelids just as soon as they were closed, complaints and laments pierced her ears.

Mopsus laments his death; Menalcas proclaims his divinity; the whole eclogue consisting of an elegy and an apotheosis.

Talking of the state of the nation, which he continually laments, he mentioned an anecdote of the former war.

The treacherous will looks abashed on the calm of his slumber, and laments, "The thing that I would I do not!"

Bentham laments that his disciple has 'stretched out the right hand of fellowship to jobbers of all sorts.'