Laminate [verb]

Definition of Laminate:

cover with veneer

Synonyms of Laminate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Laminate:

Sentence/Example of Laminate:

With laminating sheets, you can add durability to how-to manuals and recipes, create luggage or name badges, or put together scrapbooks of printed photos and collages for family and friends.

They are even thinner than wafers; and some dozens, being folded in a roll, constitute the laminate composition before mentioned.

Chromatophores laminate along the concave zone and the valves.

The endochrome consists of two laminate chromatophores, one on each valve.

Let us, however, laminate the core or subdivide it as far as possible, and we appear to have cut off this escape for the energy.

The ribands are first of all passed cold through the cylinders; but the brass soon becomes too hard to laminate.