Laminations [noun]

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Beveled edges and lamination help keep this sheer plastic ruler in shape and durable.

The axis and perforation are at right angles to the plane of lamination.

A disadvantage of the slotted core is, however, that it usually necessitates the lamination of the pole-pieces.

One of these parallel changes is the increased lamination of the cheekteeth.

The lamination of a glacier is a peculiarly interesting case of cleavage.

I found also fine masses of mica imbedded in quartz, edge upwards, and so compact that its lamination was not perceptible.

Fig. 45 represents a crumpled portion of the ice with the lines of lamination passing through the strata.

As time passed on, cases multiplied, illustrating the influence of pressure in producing lamination.

The lamination was as perfect as that of slate, and quite defeated him in his effort to obtain a granular powder.

The secondary twin-lamination, parallel to the obtuse rhombohedron e , so common in calcite, does not exist in dolomite.