Lampooned [verb]

Definition of Lampooned:

ridicule, make fun of

Synonyms of Lampooned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lampooned:

Sentence/Example of Lampooned:

Juries acquitted republican papers; the press lampooned the King.

Certain statesmen have been so lampooned by the "hired" libelers that they have been ruined.

He lampooned the prince regent, yet he could not alienate the Tories.

I've been lampooned and ridiculed in the papers, and I'm going to give them my answer—that is, as I said, if I'm any good.

Beethoven professed friendship to Haslinger to the end, though he lampooned him in private.

What can you say to our Emperor, except 'May it please his Majesty,' and that he is lampooned daily.

The curse which clings to celebrity is, that it commonly enters history only to be puffed or lampooned.

He abominated speech-makers and lampooned political oracles.

He was a looker-on in the legislative halls, and right merrily he lampooned everything he saw.

Being told that somebody had lampooned him, he said, "Very well, I'll Lamb-pun him."