Lampooning [verb]

Definition of Lampooning:

ridicule, make fun of

Synonyms of Lampooning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lampooning:

Sentence/Example of Lampooning:

The orators and journals of the opposition were ridiculing and lampooning him without measure.

Tom was growing restless under this lampooning of his connection with The New Democracy.

He was a satirist as well as a humorist, and was bold in lampooning the prominent men of his time, not even sparing the king.

Quevedo, imprisoned four years in the Leonese dungeon for lampooning him, would probably remember him in a less amiable light!

It began by boldly asserting the necessity for reform, lampooning the Regent, and attacking the cant and excesses of Methodism.

Lampoon′er, one who writes a lampoon; Lampoon′ry, practice of lampooning: written personal abuse or satire.

Why, dash it all, she will be lampooning us in it before we know where we are.

They avenged themselves by lampooning him, and they were masters in the art.

Thus the older poets were distinguished as writers of heroic or of lampooning verse.

As early as 1832 Jerrold was lampooning him in his "Punch in London."