Lance [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Lance:

Right over the stone marker, a long-shafted war-lance was carved—the blade pointing down.

Where sabre, lance, and bayonet, right soon would turn and flee!

Stop and try a ride, Billy, urged Lance Darby, holding the cord of the tugging kite.

She made so much noise that Lance grabbed at her and tried to put her out of the room, Topsy still barking furiously.

That was a great scheme you suggested about the kite the other day, Laura, declared Lance Darby.

Lance, however, kept the important idea regarding the new invention for Chet Beldings private ear.

We tried a belt first, said Lance; but the blamed thing slipped so that old Chet evolved the chain-gear idea.

Lance took his place on the crossbeamto act as weight on either end if such balance was needed; Chet took the tiller.

There were girls aboard it, too; but at first the Beldings and Jess and Lance did not recognize the other party.

Chet and Lance had 122 a pair of automobile searchlights rigged forward on their own boat.