Lancet [noun]

Definition of Lancet:

cutting tool

Synonyms of Lancet:

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Sentence/Example of Lancet:

They are usually called Lancet-fish, from the curious structure of the sub-caudal spines.

It was afterwards placed across the nave, near the west end, under the organ which blocked up the great triple lancet window.

If he has opened his abscess with a bronze lancet and has made him lose his eye, he shall pay money, half his price.

The provincial newspapers took up the work that the Lancet had begun.

A lancet brought him to his senses, and the surgeon pronounced his wound not to be dangerous, provided that he remained quiet.

The wall arcade and the lancet windows above were repaired, and later work of a more elaborate character added.

It is the transitional link between the lancet and tracery systems.

I have always been able to do it more speedily and more securely with the lancet.

For lack of a lancet they opened his vein with a penknife; a hot warming-pan is placed on his head.

The Duke of Burgundy will then have such a thorn in his side as no lancet of our time will easily cut out from his flesh.