Landed [verb]

Definition of Landed:

arrive, come to rest on

Synonyms of Landed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Landed:

Sentence/Example of Landed:

They landed more than six hundred of their men and more than one thousand Moros of the country, who also came in their ships.

Napoleon landed at Elba at an early hour in disguise, with a sergeant's company of marines.

"But it was n't a lie," Punch would begin, charging into a laboured explanation that landed him more hopelessly in the mire.

Dressed in full uniform, amid cries of "Long live our King Joachim," the unfortunate man landed with twenty-six followers.

The landed proprietor still redeemed, day after day, portions of his involved estate.

Of 1000 forces landed more than 100 were killed or wounded, among whom was general Coote.

At the same instant the landed proprietor rose from his chair, and was about to depart likewise.

The stout gentleman in plush walked in, and the landed proprietor pointed to the door.

Lescarbot, however, says the cattle were landed there about 1528, by Baron de Lry; see his Nouv.

I do not at all overstate the fact, when I say, that 50,000 slaves are annually landed in Cuba.