Landlady [noun]

Definition of Landlady:

woman head of household

Synonyms of Landlady:

Opposite/Antonyms of Landlady:


Sentence/Example of Landlady:

She had been sharing a ground-floor apartment with her 28-year-old son in Allerton, a working-class neighborhood in the Bronx, before her landlady pushed her out to make space for her grandchildren.

The landlady had related the tragic history of the dead mother and the invalid aunt.

He returned to the hotel, and, eluding a gossip-seeking landlady, went up to his room.

The landlady also came tripping towards us, and invited us, in a very friendly manner, to spend the next Sunday with them.

When we returned to the Castle Inn, we found the landlady all attention and she spared no effort to contribute to our comfort.

The landlady, clad in a low-necked black dress with long sweeping train, was typical of many we saw in the old-country hotels.

It appeared that the fact of her having been the landlady of the Holly Sprig made no difference in his case.

I think I never saw the Landlady in better looks, health or spirits.

The landlady being a pretty woman, but I durst not take notice of her, her husband being there.

Obviously the landlady, who did the marketing, must be cheating on a royal scale, and there was nothing for it but to move.