Landmark [noun]

Definition of Landmark:

historical or notable sight

Synonyms of Landmark:

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Sentence/Example of Landmark:

The only way landmark legislation gets passed is one party has enough votes to pass that by itself.

This landmark legislation went into effect July 1, making Virginia the first Southern state to enact comprehensive nondiscriminatory protections for the LGBTQ community.

For one, California last year adopted a landmark law, AB 392, that changed the standard for when police can use deadly force.

Additionally, have in the post references of national landmarks and hotspots.

Joe Kocurek, a spokesman for Weber, said the landmark law was intended to apply to all California police officers, including those working for local transit agencies.

But one would linger long on the way if hePg 83 paused at every landmark on the Southampton road.

And immediately the word bounty implanted itself in his mind as the first landmark of a marvelous story.

The thrilling of the frogs grew louder, and shortly she was at the old lightning oak that served her for a landmark.

It was obviously an industry-founder, a landmark invention on a par with the greatest, even in its incomplete condition.

Any way I looked I could see no break, no landmark, no trend of the land which could offer any sort of guidance.