Landmarks [noun]

Definition of Landmarks:

historical or notable sight

Synonyms of Landmarks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Landmarks:


Sentence/Example of Landmarks:

The town is of great antiquity, but its landmarks have been largely wiped out by the modern progress it has made.

But no one who knows the Greek Offices will travel far before he overtakes well-known landmarks.

It matters not how far the way may be shifted, all is supposed to be right, if the old landmarks are still used.

Mindful of the danger of going astray, they carefully studied the landmarks, so far as they could see them.

"We are not far from the spot where we killed that rattler yesterday," said Fred, recognizing several landmarks.

But soon the old landmarks disappeared and unknown fields lay about her.

Such a book as this is surely one of the landmarks of English literature.

He wondered how Skipper Zeb could know the direction with no landmarks to guide him.

To an Englishman these historical landmarks are inoffensive.

Sultan, without more urging, had made the furlongs fly in gallant style, and it was time to be looking out for my landmarks.