Landowners [noun]

Definition of Landowners:

person who has possession of

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Sentence/Example of Landowners:

Stakeholders — including farmers, landowners, hunters, naturalists and wildlife management officials — often disagree on how or whether to sustain the wild wolf population.

The amendment includes $5 million in funding for lending organizations to provide loans to landowners who are seeking to clear up or consolidate ownership, helping them pay for legal assistance or obtain necessary documentation.

For example, 586 acres, which were once part of a West Oahu naval air station, would have involved prohibitive development costs and the requirement to involve surrounding landowners on infrastructure issues, according to DHHL.

Finite Carbon, with 50 carbon projects over 3 million acres of land, connects landowners to businesses that pay a fee per ton of carbon dioxide permanently stored in the forest.

Similarly, we could contrast the landowner and the developer, who in producing homes provides a much-needed societal good.

The Downtown Project is now one of the biggest landowners in downtown Las Vegas.

They’re part of a project by Granite Backcountry Alliance, an organization that’s working with private landowners and local conservation groups to develop more of these areas across the two states.

“Existing carbon forest markets weren’t working for small landowners,” says Christine Cadigan, director of the Family Forest Carbon Program at the American Forest Foundation.

The rights of private landowners are also protected, as the public is only able to access rivers and streams within the water’s boundaries, via roadways that intersect them, or through established easements.

To Gow and other landowners, it was hard to fathom how such a project could meet any sort of public-interest standard to justify seizing people’s land.