Landscape [noun]

Definition of Landscape:

countryside; picture of countryside

Synonyms of Landscape:

Opposite/Antonyms of Landscape:


Sentence/Example of Landscape:

When he was a boy, he didn’t question the blighted landscape.

They seem to yearn to be reintegrated with the flux of nature, like abandoned ruins in a landscape.

That’s when the hardiest travel to our country’s wildest places for snow-covered volcanic landscapes, cool desert vibes, and empty beaches.

More broadly, the landscape reflects the reality that few in the GOP are willing to take aim at a president who retains the loyalty of a large faction of the party.

It’s a warm fall morning, and the raptor is just one of many birds in the sprawling landscape of restored native habitat that surrounds the massive ring-shaped second headquarters Apple opened in Cupertino in 2017.

This is taking place in a landscape where the acceleration to digital retail is crowding platforms with customers, and it’s no longer enough to rely on only a handful of online touchpoints.

The search landscape is vast and continues to reshape itself on a daily basis.

Homa Lab helps you learn more about the competitive landscape with market intelligence and testing tools.

In this new memoir, she revisits friends and familiar landscapes from Wyoming to Greenland, despairing at how they’ve been affected by climate change.

They’re paying big bucks to get you to focus instead on great street eats in Aleppo, raucous music festivals in Riyadh and beautiful landscapes in Abu Dhabi.