Landscaping [noun]

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The centerpiece is just as dilapidated, but the landscape more sweeping, in Matt Leedham’s picture of a low-slung Irish ruin.

The digital-media industry has increasingly sought ways to gain heft in an ad landscape dominated by Facebook and Google.

While temporary government support provides some relief, it takes much more to help those who’ve lost jobs obtain new work in a rapidly changing landscape.

The Prussian naturalist and explorer von Humboldt saw art as a pursuit both scientific and aesthetic, and the show looks at how his writings informed the work of such landscape artists as Frederic Edwin Church.

Bartenders from far-flung locales gather at the virtual bar to dish on cocktails in capital cities and how drinks reflect the people, culture, history, future and landscape of a place.

This book is one of his finest, an intoxicating cocktail of passion mixed with tentativeness, precision mixed with ambiguity, that trains our attention on the intimations of the divine that are frequently hidden in everyday landscapes and encounters.

Until they move, they are expected to somehow survive amid the sinkholes, coal fires, and toxic gases that have made Jharia perhaps the most apocalyptic landscape in India.

Some sites could be protected in ways that visibly alter them—for example, elevating or moving buildings, or allowing them to be damaged or removed from the landscape.

Veterans returning from overseas will face a dire economic landscape, with far fewer opportunities to integrate into civilian life with financial security.

In the current retail landscape, authority comes from having a clear point of view and sensibility and offering customers “curation.”