Lane [noun]

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The order of meals at Lane End was somewhat peculiar even then, and would now be almost unique.

The main entrance is in the centre of the St. Martin's Lane front, and consists of a central roadway for carts and wagons, 15ft.

They walked silently down the lane together, Gilbert sullen and mortified, Dorothy pitying but resolute.

Water Street, formerly Water Lane, had a brook running down one side of it when houses were first built there.

Mis' Calvert, she saw you in a lane, or somethin', and fetched you back to that Baltimore city where the both of you lived.

A big touring car stood in the narrow lane, headed toward the broad highway from which Jessie and Amy had come.

As she proceeded up the lane, she paused at the stile where she and Gilbert had held their last conversation.

He kissed her tenderly, passed through the gate; his steps were heard muffled along the lane.

That crack down in the back lane at Edmonton, Blathers, said Mr. Duff, assisting his colleagues memory.

Indeed, we should have missed it ourselves had we not wandered from the main road into a narrow lane that led to the village.