Languidly [adverb]

Definition of Languidly:


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Sentence/Example of Languidly:

She found the sick woman wrapped up in a warm dressing-gown, reclining languidly in a large easy chair.

She thanked them for their gifts but languidly, and did not visibly brighten when told that her husband was better.

She looks, a little languidly still, at her doll, which sleeps beside her own bed.

The men went about with coats out at the elbows, and seemed to drag along languidly to the blacksmith's shop, or to the inn.

The new-comer approached the sideboard, leaned languidly upon her elbow, and picked up a half-blown bud at random from the pile.

Castalia shook hands languidly with Miss Chubb and condescendingly with Rhoda.

Carlo got up and wagged his tail in answer, but he evidently was in no mood for running; he followed languidly behind.

Beside him sat Robert Bertram, the club idler, slender and languidly elegant.

A boy with an ink-smeared face was setting type and a pallid gentleman with glasses was languidly working a hand-press.

"It seems to have been an interesting sheet," said the Earl languidly but with watchful eyes.