Languidness [noun]

Definition of Languidness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Languidness:


Sentence/Example of Languidness:

He yielded at last, from sheer languidness, and came silently into the house.

There, all the sounds of the quays softened; the singing, and the cries came vague and melancholy, with sad languidness.

The needle makes for such languidness at times between its moments of dreaming and its moments of jumping nerves.

When Marston woke in the morning his headache and languidness had gone.

Her eyes, heavy-lidded, were slightly lifted to him with an amorous languidness.

His directness brought Lily Condor out of her languidness with a sharp turn.

There is something in this to explain the languidness or cessation of many girl friendships.

Chase threw off his spell of languidness and looked hard at the speaker.

After a few days of fever, languidness and weakness, the illness passed away.