Languorous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Languorous:

The garden in the close was one mass of brilliant color, and the air was overpoweringly languorous with the sweet fragrance.

He fitted in with the languorous island existence, but he had come for business, and he lost not much time.

Warm, still, languorous days would come, but that first feeling of unreality would remain permanent.

A languorous, redolent air just stirred the waving grain, on which rested a glossy shimmer.

A lime tree, whose leaves were stirred by the languorous breeze, kept tapping against the window.

His old wounds were suddenly healed, life became a passionate love-song on a languorous, moonlit sea.

He remembered a morning's ride, when the air of London was languorous, had seemed for a moment almost exotic.

Never till that moment did Philip feel the infinite charm of that languorous Creole life, so full of dreams and idleness.

No more the lethargic life, the indolent enjoyments, the languorous dreamings in an enchanted city.

Everything had changed from that sunny, languorous, dolce far niente time a fortnight back.