Lank [adjective]

Definition of Lank:


Opposite/Antonyms of Lank:


Sentence/Example of Lank:

The soubrette had a lank young body neatly attired in a store suit and shirt-waist.

His hair and brows and lashes were paler than straw, and his long lank figure was without either distinction or muscularity.

The master manhunter wheeled, saw the lank figure of Jeff Weedham standing in the door.

The door of the rotunda swings open, admitting the tall, lank figure of the Deputy Warden.

He had the Yankee body, lank and ribbed, and was so tall that his head seemed always looking over a transom.

Take him in repose, and he looked a lank ascetic who dreamed of a happy land where flagellation was a joy and pain a panacea.

Up to this day I confound the worthy man with John the Baptist, probably because he looked so lank and long and lean.

The non-commissioned officer was a tall Kentuckian, over six feet high, lank and raw-boned.

Her round, red full-moon face contrasted in a lively manner with the old man's grey, lank, harsh visage.

He grasped Ba'tiste in his lank arms, then turned beaming to the rest of the gaping crowd.