Lanky [adjective]

Definition of Lanky:

tall and thin

Synonyms of Lanky:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lanky:






Sentence/Example of Lanky:

The lanky young man approached Mary saying he wanted to dance with her “in the worst way.”

When you are 6-foot-4 and describe yourself as “lanky as hell,” a Zoom date might not be a bad way to meet someone for the first time.

He put on a soft wool cap and an old coat, seeking to camouflage his lanky 6-foot-4 frame.

Even Tim, so fine and big, had in this homely, lanky man a rival well worth watching.

My lean and lanky form filled out, and I became familiar with the greeting of my friends: “Why, how well you look!”

Weston I had always known as a lanky man, but about his loosely fitting garments there had been an air of careless distinction.

The officer in charge assigns me to a machine occupied by a lanky prisoner in stripes.

I was one of those long, lanky, loose-jointed girls Who fool people into believing They are willowy and psychic and mysterious.

Has lightish hair and pretty tall and lanky, and carrying a shiny black bag with him.

Her slim, rather lanky figure grew rounder and increased in gracefulness.