Lanterns [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lanterns:

A few lanterns arranged around a seating area, balcony or on a screen porch will lead to a magical effect.

Many shrimpers place lights or lanterns near baited areas, which is believed to attract shrimp, too.

We sat in silence, watching through the window the old man's lantern as he swung away toward home.

"I thought we hit a man," said the engineer, swinging his lantern far out into the darkness.

The engineer took his lantern and silently went back and swung the spot of fire in the black, cold air.

And just as I came up I saw Mrs. Maloney, marvellously attired, fumbling with a lantern.

I slept soundly enough when I was not following my father about the house with a candle, or about the hills with a lantern.

He had a long pale face with an indifferent complexion and the common American lantern jaw.

Dr. Silence leaned forward, opened the lantern and blew the light out.

The shout of Jerry recalled the king from his contemplation of things in general to the lantern in particular.