Lanyard [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lanyard:

Dan inserted the primer, pulled the lanyard and sent the contents of the gun into the ranks of the enemy.

It was his part to fire the gun by pulling the lanyard, and as often as he did it he playfully rolled over backward.

Barney vowed to put an end to that affair, and, carefully sighting one of his cannon, pulled the lanyard.

Cushing, standing in the stern, held in one hand the tiller ropes, in the other the lanyard of the torpedo.

He got out the lanyard, slipped a cartridge in the breech, paused, and scratched his head again.

"Fire," he bawled as the Maggie rested an instant in the trough of the sea—and a deckhand jerked the lanyard.

My indispensable steel mirror with patent lanyard and powder puff for attachment to service revolver is in perfect working order.

They were fitted with hair triggers and friction primers, and thirty feet of lanyard attached to the triggers connected the keys.

True Blue had not far to stoop as he took the lanyard of the lock in his hand and looked carefully along the gun.

Passing forward between the empty ridge-ropes, lanyard after lanyard parted under the blows of their little boarding-axes.