Lapidary [noun]

Definition of Lapidary:

precious stones expert

Synonyms of Lapidary:

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Sentence/Example of Lapidary:

What would happen if Thomas Brown's friends paid for such lapidary style as that?

The first to come before Solomon with his complaint was one Achior, a lapidary by trade.

His first attempt produced a red ware, like jasper, which was cut and polished by the lapidary and gilt by the goldsmith.

He had carried out her mission to Perth; he had delivered the jewels to the lapidary and was back with his answer.

For further details upon Gems, and the art of cutting and engraving them, see Lapidary.

Page 41, reference to Gems, cutting of: the article Gems refers to the article Lapidary for cutting of gems.

It is well: you are a true woman and a true mother: a rough diamond, you were shaped by the stern lapidary known as Grief.

Stephen Dedalus watched through the webbed window the lapidary's fingers prove a timedulled chain.

Navarrete preserves a letter which was written to Columbus by Jayme Ferrer, a lapidary of distinction.

We see, then, that the Egyptians had no lack of excellent building materials of a lapidary kind.