Lapsed [adjective]

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Eusebius, the successor of Marcellus, was also banished on account of the controversy concerning the lapsed.

Mildred introduced Diotti to her father, who after a few commonplaces lapsed into silence.

After a minute or two, the silence grew oppressive, and they began to converse again, but soon again lapsed into silence.

He lapsed into silence after that, and Sara Lee, stealing a glance at him, saw his face set and hard.

Then Richard lapsed again into a stupor; and when next he saw the world, he was in the miller's house.

Though he often had a few intimate friends to supper, his evenings usually finished with work which lapsed way into midnight.

It had lapsed when Brodrick married, and Gertrude found herself superseded as the editor grew great.

It reminds us that the followers of Maya's son and Mary's alike lapsed into paganism, and almost by the same stages.

He had lapsed into sullen silence, too stunned to interrupt the placid flow of her speech.

When he was once firmly settled, artistically and socially, not a few of these early acquaintances lapsed.