Lapses [noun]

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The defensive lapses came because of missed assignments and some trouble in transition.

According to sources who heard the presentation, Wyler used no names and only titles in discussing the management lapses in editing “The Mad, Mad World of Niche Sports.”

Despite his decision to delay signing the bill over last-minute objections, the Labor Department said this week that it does not expect people claiming certain federal unemployment benefits to experience a lapse in payments.

Only through lawsuits — and people like being willing to come forward — can the public get a true picture of these lapses in care.

Budget experts said the impact of that lapse would almost certainly be minimal if Congress can approve the government funding deal by the end of the weekend.

Due to this regulatory lapse, we believe that NHTSA must now rein in manufacturer’s misconduct through its other enforcement tools.

At its core, the CSCS is a database of all companies operating in China, complete with lists of each firm’s various regulatory lapses.

The staffers attributed the infections to lapses in safety measures, including a failure of some students to wear masks, violations of social distancing, ventilation problems and insufficient personal protective equipment.

It acknowledged that past safety lapses had contributed to the fire and another at its warehouse involving batteries.

The researchers found heavy media multitaskers suffered a lapse in attention in the moment before they tried to recall how the object in front of them compared to the previous set of objects.