Larcenies [noun]

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With a 27% increase in bike thefts but fewer arrests for bike larceny compared to last year, bikers can’t expect to recover their stolen wheels, and bike theft can be both discouraging and costly.

The stories take viewers from the women’s childhoods through the ups and downs of their criminal activity, which spans drug trafficking, money fraud, and grand larceny, to their moment of redemption on the other side of the law.

Tired of the publishing business, which he described as a world of “corporate foolishness and credit larceny,” he focused in recent years on his own writing, which he said he began in earnest only after the death of his older brother, Mike.

If the finder knows who the owner is or has a reasonable clue to the ownership, which he disregards, he is guilty of larceny.

At the same time another law was passed, disfranchising all voters who had been found guilty at any time of petty larceny.

In the words of the police-captain, he would not add larceny to burglary.

They look upon a well-known name as of the same value as a fire or a case of larceny.

A youth, imperfectly acquainted with English, was charged with the larceny of an overcoat from his fellow-lodger.

I know you don't want them, but I'm going to commit inverse larceny just the same.

A mulatto called Middleton was convicted at Montreal in 1781 of a felony (probably larceny) which carried the sentence of death.