Lard [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lard:

Great care is taken in this operation not to break the leaf, and oil or lard is freely used in the work.

The same scents may also be used for pomatum, which should be made of perfectly pure lard, or marrow.

When some friend spoke to her of her rival's salon, she exclaimed, "Voil bien du bruit pour une omelette au lard."

An' so when I went courtin' m' third wife, I took a stitch in time an' told her about the camphor an' ker'sene an' lard.

May be removed by simmering the bark of the root of bitter-sweet in lard, till it becomes very yellow.

A wine-glass full of powder, mixed with cold lard and forced in balls into the stomach.

In less than two minutes the cranium of Mark Antony Figgins was as smooth and destitute of hair as a bladder of lard.

The board for this game is made of a cover from an old candy or lard pail, washed and painted black.

Lay them on a hot tin that the paste may rise and fry them in lard not too hot, turning them with a skewer.

We been doin' our best, Lard, and we don't know anything more to do.