Larding [verb]

Definition of Larding:

make slippery

Synonyms of Larding:

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Sentence/Example of Larding:

Put these slips of bacon (one at a time) into the cleft or split end of the larding-pin.

The strip of fat that occurs between the rind, or outer coat, and the first layer of lean is the firmest and the best for larding.

Take a piece of larding pork and tie it on each bird's breast so as to keep it in shape.

Lay it on top of your partridges, and cover with strips of larding pork.

The strips must be of a proper size to be easily inserted into the larding-needle, and are about two inches and a half long.

Cut the salt pork in square strips to fit the needle, (see Larding), and proceed.

Larding it improves the look and flavor; serve with a rich gravy in the dish; currant-jelly and melted butter in tureens.

This is accomplished by the use of a larding needle, which may be procured at house-furnishing stores.

Larding meats is drawing ribbons of fat pork through the upper surface of the meat, leaving both ends protruding.

Cut some even strips of bacon 1/4 of an inch thick, and with a larding needle thread neatly on top of meat.