Lardy [adjective]

Definition of Lardy:

fatty, greasy

Synonyms of Lardy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lardy:



Sentence/Example of Lardy:

But if a ploughboy could get a new, warm lardy-cake, fresh from the oven, he thought himself blessed.

We agreed that Mr. Lanoline's a notty, notty man, and hasn't no business to go on the lardy-da.

When the dainty shadings of taste are over-shadowed by a "lardy" flavor, the true taste of the food itself is lost.

The dining-room was very warm, and there came a smell of lardy things from the kitchen.

Carn't grow any, not arter thirty, the bladder-o'-lardy-dar scares!

Lardy-Dardy Swell (who is uncertain as to the age of Ingnue he is addressing).