Larger [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Larger:

Ages back—let musty geologists tell us how long ago—'twas a lake, larger than the Lake of Geneva.

But just wishing never made anyone larger or taller, not even a pig, and Squinty stayed the same size.

The reader is referred to larger works upon urinalysis for details.

Nowhere can be found a region capable of supporting a larger population to the square mile than Lombardy.

"Now I have a larger place for you," the boy said, speaking just as though Squinty could understand him.

Larger amounts are not uncommon in fevers, gastrointestinal disturbances, and certain nervous disorders.

The flower stems on the American varieties are much longer than those of European tobaccos and also larger.

In fact a spot of blood, slightly larger than that which had appeared before, showed plainly upon the Professor's right hand.

The purpose of these larger windows is the effectual lighting of the Boardroom, which is of the height of two storeys.

In fact, on the Professor's right hand there showed a drop of blood, perceptibly larger this time than before.