Largess [adjective]

Definition of Largess:


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Sentence/Example of Largess:

Pinto’s campaign has largely been funded by her family’s significant largess.

One doesn’t want to have to rely on the largess of other countries to protect their population.

Confiding in the accustomed largess and kindness of your Majesty, we shall say no more.

Even after Mr. Parnell had secured the allegiance of the farmer class by his great largess in the shape of 20 per cent.

But hay had always seemed to him a free largess, like grass and water, and this looked like very good hay.

Bbur left himself stripped so bare by his far-flung largess that he was nick-named Qalandar (Firishta).

But all the banqueting and largess did not disenchant the ominous mansion.

As they were pleased with his song, they gave him a largess of gold.

Greatly was he honoured for his prowess, wisdom and largess; and high fortune was his.

On the flats around the Whitehorse Rapids was a great largess of wild flowers.