Lariats [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lariats:

At last one of the men mounted his horse, and set out with his lariat to lasso the refractory beast in true cow-boy style.

Passing from the stern to the bow, he knelt down and dipped one hand in the water, ready to clutch the end of the lariat.

For a time he stared more at the mangled lariat than at the amazing scenery through which he was gliding.

Thurstane took the lariat, inspected the breakage carefully, and scowled with helpless rage.

Little Raven had kept tight hold of the lariat, however, and as the pony struggled to its feet he sprang upon its back.

He cast about him and discovered the man's lariat, which he picked up and overran with one hand until he had loosened the noose.

Then they found a projecting rock above them and Sam threw the noose of his lariat over this.

By the time he had hold of the lariat Bart was ready to pull with Long.

The boy began spinning the noose of the lariat above his head.

At last Lumpy tore off the lariat's grip and scrambled to his feet.