Larking [adjective]

Definition of Larking:

laughing, joyful

Synonyms of Larking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Larking:

Sentence/Example of Larking:

Sam Clemens and John Briggs had run away from school and had been sky larking all that day, and knew nothing of the affair.

Sometimes he would go mud-larking, and seldom missed finding some treasure or other.

It was more likely that he disapproved of my "larking" with the American boys and giving them a glove to divide in bits.

The farm can't be run with decrepit men or larking boys, nor the war won with less than its full quota of soldiers.

Maddie was in one of her larking humours, and gave Joe quite enough to do to keep time with her.

The riffle was not rough enough to make any real trouble, and we both took the thing strictly in a larking spirit.

Miss Morgan is very intimate with Letty Jones, who is a nice larking girl, and understands how to manage her mamma.

People are continually jumping on and off whilst the train is in motion, and larking from one car to the other.

It was past midnight when that larking pony came steaming up to the little white tavern.

It is early afternoon yet, too, and the larking and license are as nothing to what may be expected before midnight.