Larrikin [noun]

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The belligerent whine was enough to renew the identity of the mangy little larrikin whose couch on the sand he had shared.

He looked quite domestic and almost paternal as he shuffled his broad feet and towered over the little larrikin.

Thus the inevitable informing larrikin, eager to cadge a drink from the tourist on shore leave.

"Nothing like the Australian larrikin when he gets going," you will be told.

I'm as good a man as him, though I'm a larrikin and he's a twopenny lord.

Apart from bush terms, there are town appellations, such as 'larrikin,' which means a 'rough.'

She supposed Alice had picked up some horrible common larrikin and they'd go off into the bush together.

The word is younger than the Australian larrikin, of doubtful origin (see p. 190), but older than Fr.

Were its use restricted to the bullock-driver and the larrikin one could make excuses; but this is not so.

The larrikin turned away, and beckoned his comrades to follow him.