Larynx [noun]

Definition of Larynx:

vocal organs

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Sentence/Example of Larynx:

When the quantity is very small there may be no cough, the sputum reaching the larynx by action of the bronchial cilia.

Take the scalpel and sever the spinal column without cutting the larynx.

Illustrations of the appearance of the larynx during phonation in two special cases.

In the lower illustration we have the appearances presented in a man affected with tuberculosis of the lungs and larynx.

Such are the appearances presented under the microscope by skeletal or striped muscles such as those of the larynx.

After the larynx has been studied the importance of the expiratory blast will be better understood.

The little concavity between the false vocal bands above and the true vocal bands below is termed the ventricle of the larynx.

The muscles of the larynx are best understood if the principle of antagonistic action already referred to be remembered.

The part of the figure lowest on the page represents the back part of the larynx.

A cross-section transverse to the larynx, such as can be readily made with a strong knife.