Lascivious [adjective]

Definition of Lascivious:

sexually aroused; displaying excessive interest in sex

Synonyms of Lascivious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lascivious:

Sentence/Example of Lascivious:

Calendau, after witnessing the lascivious dances, challenges the Count to mortal combat.

Thus, Aphrodite was celebrated with lascivious dances, and Dionysus with drunken revels.

It was insolently lascivious, and seemed fond of affecting to gratify its strong desires in public.

A small room adjoining the hall was the place where women were subjected to the lascivious gaze of brutal men.

Festooned flowers, deferential service, barbaric, subtly lascivious music—this waste would have fed those workers for years!

And my annoyance was increased by the frequent lascivious glances he cast at the maiden.

We even acquire the notion that fine art is lascivious and destructive to the character.

In such places the children are the victims of all the caprices of doting affection and all the excesses of lascivious cruelty.

Do you know that you are turning a delicate and beautiful romance into a lascivious libel on the human race?

The external principle separated from the internal, is lascivious in the whole and in every part, 148.