Lashed [verb]

Definition of Lashed:

beat, whip

Synonyms of Lashed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lashed:

Sentence/Example of Lashed:

Meanwhile, Hong Kong protesters lashed out at companies that appeared to support Beijing.

From lashing poles together to using it as guy line, this rope works well in most conditions.

Thanks to its ample exterior webbing, it’s easy to lash a water bottle or second set of shoes to the bag for easy access.

By the time the Category 4 Typhoon Kammuri lashed the Philippines with heavy rains in early December, the damage was much less than it could have been.

I have read that Chinamen tie their wives to beams in the roof and lash them with leather thongs until they swoon.

Sometimes the drivers lash at him with their long whips but he is too quick for them and scampers out of their reach.

As if by accident, the lash whistled close to Bill Talpers's face, making him give back a step in surprise.

His thoughts dwell on wagons stogged in the mire and big carthorses hauling at the collar at his voice and under his lash.

And the Jenkins pills became famous precisely by reason of that lash of the whip which they gave to jaded existences.

Dey did'n cah how ole o' how young yo' wah, yo' nebbah too big t' git de lash.