Lashing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Lashing:

Finish by lashing together the loose tips of each shoe with another modified tripod lashing.

This motion consists almost wholly in apparently purposeless lashing and coiling movements, and continues for many hours.

Sometimes to this punishment was added a lashing as he moved painfully along.

Lashing their ponies to desperate speed, they rode safely away before the Pawnees recovered from their bewilderment.

Quick as lightning he wound himself round a branch, lashing out with his tail in all directions.

Whooping, and lashing furiously with their heavy riding quirts, they gradually forced the ponies toward the east.

Ready remained on deck, lashing the heads of the spars, and fixing his tackles ready for the morrow.

A battery galloped up, the drivers lashing the horses, the cannoneers sitting stolidly on the limbers with their arms folded.

He came up again presently, lashing the water with his tail, and creating a tremendous uproar, considering his size.

The rain was now descending in sheets, lashing the giant waves with a curious hissing sound.