Lasses [noun]

Definition of Lasses:

young woman

Synonyms of Lasses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lasses:


Sentence/Example of Lasses:

He wished "the missus wud go out every day, an' leave lass to cook the dinner."

"And thou hast saved our lives my brave lass," cried Rushmere, grasping her cold hand, which he was chafing in his own.

So ye mind, Mysie, hoo Tam Graham's lass aye clashed on the rest o' us on the pit-head?

We gaed to the school together, and we gaed to work together, an' I hae aye looked on you as my lass.

The look in Kitty Tynan's face reminded him of that farmer's lass in his boyhood's history.

What passed was never wholly known; but the lass wept bitterly, and fell on her knees to him among the whins.

To the chamber straight came the true serving lass: “We crave thy leave into the chamber to pass.”

A Scotch lass is the next victim reported, and to her the unclean spirit came nightly under the guise of a fine young man.

On each occasion when the lass was seen perambulating, The little quadruped likewise was there a gallivating.

A wonderful lass was Marie, petite, And she looked full fair and passing sweet—And, oh!