Lassies [noun]

Definition of Lassies:

young woman

Synonyms of Lassies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lassies:


Sentence/Example of Lassies:

Laith will the lassie be to weet her bonny shoon, but lang ere the play'll be ower she'll wat her hat aboon.

I hae studied her weel, and she's a thrifty, douce, clever lassie.

They are like a small lassie I know, who helps to brighten all the dark places in my life.

"She's getting a big lassie, and she's over-proud of her appearance," Mrs. McDougall said, not without a touch of pride.

One little girl, a delicate lassie, they had been obliged to take out of school.

Later, his hands trembling, he took Lassie from the plough, and led her to the creek for water.

She carried a basket of fruit, and to all appearances was a country lassie seeking a market for her goods.

The air was empty without the sound of Donald's axe clanging in the distance, or of his voice calling Lassie.

A pretty country lassie to smile when you look at her would doubtless be a comforting companion in your struggles.

Let me kiss you, my lassie, ond touch your bonnie hair with my auld stiffened fingers.