Lasso [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lasso:

Next, I noticed Merlin gliding away from me; and then I noticed that my lasso was gone!

At last one of the men mounted his horse, and set out with his lariat to lasso the refractory beast in true cow-boy style.

"I didn't know there was anybody up there," answered Sam, as the noose of the lasso slipped downward.

My only weapons were a lasso made out of green kangaroo hide, fixed to the end of a long pole; and my bow and arrows.

Even the lasso—the weapon of the American aborigines of modern times—was there.

Bo Rayner's little, booted feet were tied together with one end of a lasso and the other end trailed off over the ground.

Seeing that he was in eager pursuit of an animal which he wished to lasso, they followed him quietly and watched his movements.

At the same moment the lasso broke, and the bull recovered its feet and continued its wild flight.

The mameluco alighted, threw his lasso, drew out the corpse with it, and contemplated it.

And so saying, he bound him firmly with his lasso, notwithstanding his prodigious efforts to escape.