Lasted [verb]

Definition of Lasted:

continue, endure

Synonyms of Lasted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lasted:

Sentence/Example of Lasted:

To-day I'm more dead than alive, as we had a lesson from him yesterday that lasted four hours.

The fight lasted two days, and only two men out of the five hundred escaped with their lives.

While this reaction lasted he laughed away the evidence, and honestly believed he was exaggerating trifles.

This apparition lasted some eight minutes, and as soon as it disappeared another came of the same form, direction and appearance.

They wanted Papa and Mamma, gone to Bombay beyond the seas, and their grief while it lasted was without remedy.

That lasted almost two months, and he summoned witnesses, and many of them, who told all that they knew about me.

This new exalted state was very marvellous; for while it lasted he welcomed all that was to come.

A pang, a bitterness that lasted for a day or for a year—and the gap would be filled again by some one else.

A pursuit now commenced which lasted a week—a pursuit that every soldier that was present will always remember.

After supper, stories were told and the laughter, which was loud and long, lasted far into the night.