Lasts [noun]

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Another of the firm's commercials suggested the rivetting if iron lasts were used.

There is no remedy for this; the end of the procession, which often lasts four or six hours, must be waited for with patience.

To be able to repeat great po-ems at will, is to have a treasure you can allus carry with you while your voice lasts.

Blossoms and fruit in full maturity are found upon the trees at the same time, and hence the harvest lasts nearly the whole year.

If she lasts a couple of hours, I shall be surprised, said the apothecarys apprentice, intent upon the toothpicks point.

Here the conflict generally lasts three days, the three disguises are employed, and the tournament is often absent.

If the first one is in, wait till she comes down, and then chat as long as a call usually lasts.

The fight lasts for three days, and he appears each day in a different dress, and mounted on a different steed.

This punishment lasts from a few days to several months; in the latter case the prisoner generally dies.

In man there is a premonitory stage; a furious stage, which lasts from about a day to three days; then a final paralytic stage.