Latching [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Latching:

Ridges along the outer edges of the top and bottom latch together.

When flat, the panel lays on the lip of that aforementioned two-by-four, and once it was all fastened in, we attached the two halves of the sleeping platform together with a couple of chest latches.

This kit comes in a clear sewing case with a handle and locking latch closure and is lightweight for easy transport.

There’s a storage divider that neatly organizes the kit’s content and side latches that make it super easy to open and close.

The latches on the outside keep the grill shut during transport.

Sikes, with Olivers hand still in his, softly approached the low porch, and raised the latch.

To punctuate her observation Jessie Norwood lifted the iron latch and jerked open the door.

Its only the shank of the evening, officer, rejoined the old man, as he fumbled with the latch key and finally opened the door.

Then, as his neck is in the carcan, all you have to do is to close the collar with a latch and remove the ladder.

Each had a heavy wooden latch, and a vast curved piece of wood was the handle by which it was to be opened.