Latencies [noun]

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In addition to the broader availability to stream this year’s Super Bowl on TV screens, CBS has worked to improve latency, or speed of the stream compared to the linear TV broadcast, Gerttula said.

That means latency is lower—so if someone uses a device to access an application, the time delay will be minimal.

We recommend checking out a few products that boast Bluetooth 5 connectivity, these are reported to deliver high-resolution audio playback with less latency.

Within Universal Analytics, event tracking requires additional processing which includes latency, and the data is typically not available until the following day.

SLA requirements around reliability and latency will require operators to have a high degree of control over service quality to resolve issues in close to real time.

And thus it is that every Idealist, bleak and wintry as his mood may be, is conscious of the latency of spring.

Otherwise, in place of remaining in latency, they would assert themselves like men.

While those other mothers, by retaining such in latency, preserved them as a rich inheritance for male heirs.

The repression during the period of latency is an inner obstacle of this kind—or rather one which has become inner.

In other words it is the negative quality of passiveness either in recoverable latency or insipient latescence.