Lathed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Lathed:

At times the logs are clapboarded without, and are all lathed and plastered within.

Entire ceiling to be lathed with high-rib metal lath securely nailed directly to ceiling joists.

The Count turned towards him, his face lathed in tears, and threw his arms round his neck.

Then it is plumbed and stay-lathed, and another is put together and raised in the same way, till they are all up.

At last the tenons slip home and the first bent is stay-lathed in place.

This thing was designed in a virtual wind-tunnel and machine-lathed.

As this house is not to be lathed and plastered, it is not essential that the studding should be at any exact distance apart.

The home consisted of one large room, not yet lathed and plastered.

It was lathed and plastered, and no air admitted, except what might come through the floor.

They found a side doorway of one structure wide open, and stepped into a lathed but unplastered hallway.