Laths [noun]

Definition of Laths:

length of material used as support

Synonyms of Laths:

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Sentence/Example of Laths:

"'Bared the lion in hith den—the Doog-dug-lath——'" Abraham stopped and took a long breath.

When the plants are to be hung on lath they may be wilted before "stringing" or not, at the option of the grower.

When hung in this manner five or six plants to the lath are the usual number unless they are very large.

And he nailed that shingle to a lath, and stood the lath up four or five foot in front of the wigwam.

The cutaway is made of a small piece of board, a cigar-box lid, an old yardstick or a piece of lath, which should be about 6 in.

Then he started slowly toward the cats, sinking his heels in the snow each time for a footing, a piece of lath in his hand.

It takes much marble to build the sepulchre—how little of lath and plaster would have repaired the garret!

The stranger stood all of seven feet, it seemed to me, built like a lath, hung around and about with the wreck of tweeds.

The building was a dingy yellow-brick residence outside the village, with the schoolroom as an outbuilding of lath and plaster.

It surged up to the roof and quivered along the lath and plaster partitions of the boxes.