Latrine [noun]

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Today, most Kenyans rely on latrines — just holes in the ground, usually under a small building.

When I wasn't batting or playing third, I sat in the latrine and came out only when they needed me.

He also helped us ditch all about the tent so the rain-water would drain away, and he constructed a latrine for camp.

This latrine is for summer usenot for a week-end camp, you know.

It is wonderful what a wholesome effect on a lazy man has the imposition of three days latrine duty!

There was a latrine pit and an open stone hearth and a naked brown man with wild hair and a beard.

Those who make use of a palace as a latrine, or vice versa, must certainly reap the fruit of their folly.

Next beyond the abris was the latrine from which a puff of wind brought now and then a nauseous stench.

The dormitory also communicated with the latrine or rere-dortor, which was lighted, partitioned, and provided with clean hay.

The western chamber has in its north-west angle a latrine, or garderobe, in the thickness of the wall.