Lattice [noun]

Definition of Lattice:

mesh, trellis

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Sentence/Example of Lattice:

In metals, for example, the electrons with the highest energies occupy a band that is not filled to capacity, so the electrons can move throughout the atomic lattice, allowing the material to conduct electricity.

It’s as if the electrons no longer notice the underlying lattice of atomic nuclei.

At high temperatures they grow disordered and the lattice demagnetizes.

Because the points are evenly spaced, it turns out that from just two coordinates of the grid it is possible to compute all the points within the same lattice.

Lattice-based cryptography is based on the unique mathematical properties of grids of evenly-spaced points, or lattices.

A very brief exercise of Mr. Sikess art sufficed to overcome the fastening of the lattice, and it soon stood wide open also.

In fact, she was placed in a room—or rather an erection of three storeys or rooms—of stout lattice-work in a turret of the castle.

The ball, he observed, was made of light bands or lathes arranged somewhat in the form of lattice-work.

Through the lattice windows the murmur of a stream can be heard, on whose banks—but we shall come to that directly.

Grendel means, originally, no more than a bar or rod, or a palisade or lattice-work made of such bars or rods.